Our Story

"Keep calm and try our outfit."

Mercia is a leading international fashion clothing and accessory store. Focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion styles, both attire and stunning accessories, we feature hundred's of the newest product lines, providing maximum choice and convenience to our discerning clientele. We also aim to provide an extensive range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing together with a professional dedicated service to our valued customers from all over the world.

Our Mission

"The best fashion store can deliver."

Our mission is to keep up with the ever changing trends and to create a brand unique to our customers. The brand is also about the memories of the person who you buy an item from. We believe they want to feel special, that their individuality is reflected in the clothes and accessories they wear. When you purchase from us its important to us that you will be 100% delighted with your purchase.

Our Product

"Our fabric will build your trust in us."

We provide clothing made of the highest quality fabrics that will keep you comfortably beautiful. All outfits are guaranteed to be professionally manufactured using cutting edge technology. All our designers are free creative thinkers who are always looking to bring new designs, styles or ideas that will enhance your experience and bring newest elements of style to your closet.

Sustainable Fashion

“Fashion can be a universal player in protecting the planet.”

We firmly believe in sustainable fashion that doesn't rely on heavy metals, polymers and synthetic materials. At the same time, we want to provide comfort for women everywhere and encourage them. Our customers trust us to lead the way in sustainable fashion trends for women that respect our bodies, the economy and each other.